Priscila Trummer                                                         Executive Director
Ulisses Sperandio                                                        Executive Director
Ana Paula Barbosa                                                      Executive Director
Rovena Fundão                                                            Project Director
Nicholas Lucciani                                                         Marketing Director
Jetro da Silva                                                                 California College of Music
Clarence Thomas                                                          Vectrus
Jorge Scutti                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Research Texas
Selma Calabrich                                                            Pracatum Ação Social , Bahia Brazil
Gerson Silva                                                                   Escola Olodum , Bahia Brazil
Projeto Reading Bag     
Diretora: Claudia Marques                                             claudia@bffoundation.org
Alessandra Tudinha   
Paula Roberta Santos
Claudia Mascarenhas
Angela Ferreira
Monica Bateman                                      
Mobilization and Partnership      
Glênia Aguiar                                                                    glenia@bffoundation.org
Language Department 
Director: Rovena Fundão
Vera Pereira                                                                      vera@bffoundation.org
Rovena Fundão
Pedro Bordieri
Carolina Trummer
Natasha Sperandio
Social Media                                                     
Rovena Fundão                                                                rovena@bffoundation.org
Fernanda Guimarães Saliba Bastos
Community Relations                                      
Daniella Manriquez                                                        daniella@bffoundation.org
Christiane Monteiro                                                                    
Comunication and Institutional Relations - Brasilianas Magazine     
Tim Filho                                                                           
Priscila Trummer                                                                                                                                               
Carlos Wesley
Ana Eliza Oliveira
Junia Ramos
Graziele Queiroz
Giulia Campos
Luciana Sereno
Brittany Frank
Isabella Martins
Debora Cilira
Juridical Assistance                            
Ana Paula Gerlein OAB 181127-SP


The foundation was launched by a group of Brazilian friends, who came together in favor of their local community offering their volunteer experience.

Brazilian Foundation is based in Houston, Texas and was officially formed in March of 2015. Our projects focus in the following areas: Art, Cultural Education and Information.

Our activities include art exhibit, scholarships, professional qualification courses, workshops, fundraising events, festivals, volunteer opportunities, community media, informative guides and partnership with other institutions.


We are a 501 C 3 non-profit organization that promotes art and cultural education, to preserve the Brazilian traditions, and sharing information with the community around us.



Be recognized as a key non-profit organization where our activities are expanded with excellence beyond the United States of America territory.



Each cause is embraced with value, respect, honesty, integrity and cooperation. Our work is based on transparency, competency, efficiency and confidence; together with sustainability and social responsibility.