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Sacola de leitura itinerante

School of Music & Technology

The program utilizes methodological strategies that help students develop musical and citizenship skills. It brings focus to the vocational education work in the music field through a Technical Course in the musical department- Percussion (work load of 1200 hours) and Phonographic Processes (work load of 864 hours), to train 200 youth and adults.  In addition to the theoretical and practical training, the school inspires to awake in the students a sense of civic responsibility and solidarity.

English as a Second Language

Pracatum English School was created to promote the English learning process as a communication and social inclusion tool for 200 children and youth, between the ages of 8 to 17 years old,  in a vulnerable socioeconomic situation. All of those enrolled in a public school system in Salvador - Bahia, Brazil.




The Brazilian Foundation Scholarship acknowledges and rewards students who have made a significant impact in our community. 
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The cultural program of the Brazilian Foundation through the Brasilianas magazine and TV, aims to build a means of communication for the local Brazilian community.

Revista Brasilianas is a community magazine focused on the Brazilian, Latin and American communities in the United States.

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For the institution , we must continually cross the education to get to art . That is why the foundation promotes art exhibitions, cultural festivals, where music and dance can be showcased.

Arts & Crafts Exhibition

In its partnership with several Brazilian artists and crafters, BF can connect a large collection of items to be exposed and sold.  A compilation of the best selection of art will be brought to the festival. Among other kind of items representing the natural wealth of Brazil, all made by craftsmen. Many of them representing the different regions of Brazil.

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 Semi-precious stones of northeastern Minas Gerais combined with the scrap work of stoning, gave rise to the crafts on stones. Which is very common in the region where the city of Teófilo Otoni is located, considered the world's largest gemological province. In turn, the city of Teófilo Otoni is a mandatory destination of all precious and semiprecious stones produced in this vast territory. The variety and quality of the found minerals is so great that this area gets to be considered a "geological anomaly" by the scientific community.

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